Somatotropin is a growth hormone and a “hormone of youth”

Growth hormone is involved in many organic processes – metabolism (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), regulation of water balance, and is also directly related to the growth of the body. Therefore, the peak of its concentration in the body falls on childhood, when the child is growing rapidly. If there is not enough growth hormone in the baby’s body, then in this parameter it lags behind its peers, and sometimes growth hormone deficiency can even cause problems in overall development.

IMPORTANT! An excess of growth hormone in a child’s body can also cause problems – in this case, the growth of the body occurs much more intensively than required by the norm. A person with an excess of somatotropin usually continues to grow after the end of puberty, which can lead to gigantism and/or acromegaly – pathological abnormalities that significantly reduce the quality of life.

Consequently, the most active growth hormone is produced in the period from birth to the end of puberty. However, the normal level of somatotropin is also extremely important for adults, since without it normal processes of bone tissue formation, maintaining muscle tone and proper metabolism are impossible.

Why growth hormone is also called the “hormone of youth”

Why growth hormone is also called the "hormone of youth"

According to the results of some studies, somatotropin is able to rejuvenate the body both from the outside and from the inside. The first experiment on this property of growth hormone was carried out by immunologist Gregory Fahey back in the 1980s. As a result, it was found that somatropin can rejuvenate the body’s cells, literally “turning back the clock.”

IMPORTANT! Growth hormone also has a negative side effect – it can contribute to the growth of tumors (both benign and malignant) already present in the body. Therefore, if the analysis for somatotropin shows an increased value, it is recommended to undergo a medical examination for the presence of tumors.

Where to get somatotropin with its deficiency?

Where to get somatotropin with its deficiency?

The level of this hormone fluctuates depending on the time of day. Its highest concentration in the body occurs during sleep. And that means that in order to maintain normal production of somatotropin, you need to get adequate sleep and go to bed no later than 22 hours.

Moderate physical overload also increases somatotropin levels. And so that the production of the hormone no longer “drops out”, you can not refuse animal protein in food (meat, fish). The fact is that the secretion of growth hormone increases “in response” to the presence of special amino acids contained in the protein.

After consulting your doctor, you can start taking somatotropin in the form of tablets or injections. Preparations based on growth hormones are sold not only in pharmacies, but also in shops for athletes.

By the way, you can increase the body’s growth hormone production by taking certain amino acids, namely ornithine, arginine, glutamine and lysine. They should be taken on an empty stomach just before bedtime.