How to choose fat burners for athletes

Fat burners are popular dietary supplements that help you lose weight faster and more effectively if you are serious about sports. I’ll tell you what they are and how they work. Care should be taken when choosing a drug, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. It should be done by a nutritionist and trainer.

Find out how fat burners work

Fat burners have several key features:

  • Reduce your appetite.
  • Stimulate the body’s metabolism.
  • It helps to increase energy levels.
  • Remove excess fluid from the body – remove swelling.
  • Promote the breakdown of fat molecules.
  • Make your workouts more productive by increasing your performance.

Fat burners are not recommended for use in adolescents under 18 years of age and should be used with particular caution in the elderly. First of all, such drugs are suitable for adults who exercise and eat properly, and training should be energy-intensive. With a sedentary lifestyle and a chaotic diet, the effects of drug use will be minimal.

Unterscheiden Sie die Haupttypen

Unterscheiden Sie die Haupttypen

It is possible to determine the type of fatburn in the field of operation, the function and the type of contraindication.

Thermogenic agents are used in the energy supply of circulators, including circulating temperatures and circulating activities. Thermogens are obtained from the athletes, the trains being normally used and the best results are obtained.

Lipotropics are shown in the compartment. This means that the circulation of the ring is thermally controlled. The art of the medicament is described as such, and is not suitable for use in the manufacture of a medicament. For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply.

The diuretics are reduced by means of a combination of circulating fluids. These products are used in the manufacture of this product, which is considered to be a complete problem.

Kohlenhydrat- oder Fettblocker verhindern die aufnahme von Kohlenhydraten und Fetten. These measures have been taken as a result of the application of this Regulation.

Know the main components of fat burners

Know the main components of fat burners

The composition of fat burners includes a number of the most common and fairly well-known ingredients for sports nutrition: caffeine, guarana, L-carnitine, chromium picolinate, green tea extract, green coffee extract, DMAA, chitosan, synephrine, yohimbine and choline. I will dwell in more detail on two components, the action of which is not always correctly interpreted.

DMAA (methylhexanamine, geranamine, “geranium”) is found in fat burners and pre-workout supplements. Similar in action to caffeine, but four times stronger – improves mood and increases focus. This supplement should be used with caution due to its strong CNS effects. It is not recommended to take it in a dosage of more than 75 mg. Possible side effects: insomnia, sweating, nausea, mental agitation, increased blood pressure.

L-carnitine is mistakenly considered by many to be an independent fat burner, but its mechanism of action is different. It is a non-essential acid related to the B vitamins. L-carnitine transports adipose tissue to the mitochondria of muscle cells, where it is converted into energy during physical exertion. The point of taking the supplement is to increase carnitine levels and therefore improve fat burning, but without exercise it won’t work.

Learn how fat burners for men and women can differ

Fat burners for men contain active ingredients in a higher concentration. Antioxidants and folic acid can be found in women’s preparations – they are especially useful for the female body. In both the first and second versions, the composition may include vitamins. Other fat burners for men and women are no different, but should always be selected after consultation with a doctor and trainer.

Prepare to take the medication

Prepare to take the medication

First you need to determine the purpose of taking a fat burner and understand that there is no noticeable effect from just one supplement. We need a set of actions:

  1. Let a doctor examine you and understand what percentage of fat in the body is really superfluous.
  2. Maintain a diet suitable for your goal, follow a certain diet, which a specialist will help to create.
  3. Exercise regularly or do physical education classes in the amount recommended by the trainer.

Only when the above three stages are completed does it make sense to start taking sports supplements, including fat burners.

Consider contraindications

Fat burners can cause serious damage to health in arterial hypertension, acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract), kidney and liver failure, coronary artery disease, thyroid disease and cardiac arrhythmias. If you have at least one of the listed diseases, it is imperative that you pass tests and undergo examinations recommended by the doctor. It may be better not to take these drugs at all.

Getting rid of excess weight is not a quick process that needs to be approached very carefully and thoughtfully. If you’re trying to lose weight as quickly as possible, recovery and treatment can take months.