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Diarrhea After Eating: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Causes of Diarrhea after Eating – Being in a state of disease or mental and physical illness is no one’s dream. Our body gets affected by various kinds of diseases because of several factors or sources. Diarrhea is one of them; we often face some discomfort right after taking our meal, Tiffin or dinner. It is called diarrhea.

Diarrhea can be of three types watery diarrhea, diarrhea related to blood issues and diarrhea which continues for more than 2 weeks. Facing diarrhea problems post taking foods or eatables is referred to as postprandial Diarrhea. It may be acute or maybe a chronic disease. The factors can be n number which causes diarrhea after eating. So knowing the symptom and treatment along with the root cause is utmost important.

causes of diarrhea after eating

Sometimes we feel uncomfortable with our metabolism and the digestive system and we ignore the same and it attracts various digestion-related issues.

The symptoms of Diarrhea after eating are listed below-

Diarrhea can be at any time, understanding the symptoms will help you in forth prevention or post-treatment.

  • Dry mouth or indication of a dehydrated body.
  • Thirst related issue
  • Change in the color of the urine (usually, it becomes dark in color).
  • Fluctuation in urination.
  • Insignificant stools (mucus contains in the stool, the appearance of blood in the stool).
  • Stomach ace or abdominal pain.
  • High fever or temperature.
  • Again it is important to know whether diarrhea is acute or chronic diarrhea.
  • Acute Diarrhea– Acute Diarrhea is the one which lasts for less than a week but gives rise to mucous and bloody stools at least 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Chronic Diarrhea– Chronic Diarrhea is a little serious, it lasts for approximately more than two weeks.

The causes of Diarrhea after eating are listed below-

Diarrhea is basically caused due to viruses naming, viral gastroenteritis. Rotavirus and Norovirus are most common in adults and children respectively.

Food Poisoning– Be it an adult or a child, we all get attracted to junk and fast foods. Eating roadside food, the vendors don’t take care of hygiene and us too. The end result of which our body system or the digestive system gets accumulates and causes diarrhea just after our meal plans. It first starts with watery stool, which is considered normal by most of the people. But without treatment, it leads to serious watery stool May 3 to 4 times a day. This makes the body weak and removes or drains water from the body system.

Infections– There are certain bacteria like E Coli or Salmonella virus when getting into the body, makes the digestive system weak and increase the bacteria accumulation inside the intestine. Intestine not being able to tolerate the toxic results in diarrhea just after eating causes infection.

No presence of Gallbladder– There is a certain individual who remains without a gallbladder in the body because of certain varied reasons. The human without a gallbladder does face a problem of conversion of larger acids (Bile) that is not digested to smaller ones. For some individuals, it becomes an ongoing problem that leads to diarrhea problems very often.

Problems in digesting lactose– People or individual who cannot digest lactose, have less enzyme to convert lactose into breakable digestive items are more prone to diarrhea after eating or food consumption.

Problems in breaking sugar enzymes– Some people cannot tolerate the sugar enzymes or artificial sweetener in the body, this release toxic and attracts various viruses rather than repelling it, which leads to mucus in stool and indicates diarrhea after eating.

Cancerous Disease– People who have suffered from cancerous disease and have undergone chemotherapy these radiations are a little dangerous, basically the colon cancer: It fluctuates the bowel movements and it gives rise to blood in the stool and causes diarrhea after eating.

Gastric Issue– The gastric issue is usually called Dumped problems; it is related to bloating and emptiness of stomach which is a direction towards infection in stool and leads to diarrhea after eating.

Insufficiency of Pancreas– Sometimes Pancreas are not able to produce the required enzymes which need to fight with virus and bacteria, as a result of which these get accumulates in the digestive system and affects the body with diarrhea after eating.

Treatment for Diarrhea After Eating

Consult a doctor– Any discomfort with respect to health should not be unseen rather you must have a checkup with the doctor and the doctor will examine the physical tests and provide you with certain medicines.

Practice exercise, meditation, and Yoga- Yoga, meditation and exercise is one of the powerful remedies, it calms down our body, strengthens the immune and digestive system. Breathing exercise and relaxing the muscles may lessen the stress in life and somewhat we can get rid of diarrhea problems after eating dinner, lunch, etc.

Take care of your diet-Avoid fatty foods, oily foods, take small meals so that your body and the digestive system get some relaxation and have ease in digesting and breaking down foods into digestive enzymes.

Keep your body hydrated-Drink plenty of water, eat fruits: a dehydrated body system is more prone to diarrhea-related disease.

Focus on Probiotics– Probiotics help in fighting diarrhea bacteria especially in children and lessen the illness related to diarrhea. Probiotics can be taken in the form of capsules, tablets or liquids. Probiotics are preventive.


Diarrhea after eating is a bacterial and viral infection. Diarrhea can be avoided if we make some changes in our food habits and avoid taking junk and unhygienic foods. Because diarrhea after eating makes all the nutrients vanish from the body and make a person weak and directs and prone the body towards other diarrhea-related diseases.

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